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Today’s challenges, increasing demand, coupled with limited cardiology staff, results in additional workload challenges for the entire medical community. 17 Million people died from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in 2019. There is an estimated 10% increase in Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) alone by 2030. 20% of sonographers are leaving the profession or taking premature retirement. With 108 million annual echo exams performed globally, it is no surprise that 1 in 4 cardiologists state they are burned out.

Patient care isn’t just a job for you. It’s a calling. A mission. Of late, that mission has changed. Increased workloads, fewer skilled staff and increased demands on your time, resources and expertise are now the norm. Getting the right images under this pressure is challenging. But this isn’t just a job for you, and you have no intention of sacrificing quality in your practice when so much is at stake.

The Vivid T9 cardiovascular ultrasound has been designed to meet today’s challenges. To allow more quality time with patients, increase diagnostic confidence and reduce inter-operator variability - all at a price point accessible for private practices. Because your patients rely on you, you can rely on innovation from GE Healthcare.

What Is New on The Vivid T9 r6

M5sc Single Crystal Cardiac Probe
Matrix Ultrasound

The GE Matrix Probe delivers superior image quality with the benefits of single crystal technology constructed with hundreds to thousands of crystals aligned in multiple rows and columns. This construction provides ultra-fast volume rates for real-time imaging in motion, which is essential for reducing artifacts, provides superb visibility of anatomical structures, and aids in producing crystal-clear 2d images. 

L4-20t-RS Single Crystal Linear ProbeL4-20t-clinical-thumb

Beautiful for vascular imaging.  Four configurable control buttons allow you to ergonomically position yourself at the bedside, performing essential functions such as Freeze, Store, mode switch, among other functions, away from the scanner.

t9 penetration app-1
Penetration QuickApp

Helps improve visibility.  Optimize penetration in technically difficult studies with one click.  This new feature is a must-have for any doctor looking to improve their image quality on their overweight patients.


Easy AFI LV 
t9 afi-1

Strain measurements in just 15 seconds (on average) - with Easy AFI LV. AI-based global and segmental strain measurements require no manual interaction apart from initiating the tool and approving the results. Additionally, you will be able to view EF measurements.




Easy Auto EF
t9 auto ef-1

Ejection Fraction and Automatic Region of Interest definition with only 1 click – with Easy AutoEF. This is the first ultrasound machine to offer this featured AI-based Auto ROI detection algorithm allowing users to complete ejection fraction, with no manual interaction apart from initiating the tool and approving the results. 2 Chamber or 4 Chamber Ejection Fraction available with or without ECG.


 "The Vivid T9 Ultra Edition AI-based automated measurements help my staff complete a standard echo exam faster, and with less variability. The new Penetration button on the touch screen helps give the sonographers the extra boost we often need with challenging imaging windows. As a busy private cardiology practice, we appreciate having these advanced options available on an affordable cardiovascular ultrasound system” - Dr. Adurthy Ananth Shankar, MD Director Cardiovascular division Essen Healthcare, New-York, US



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