Sonographer Burnout

Acute and chronic stressors are everywhere. The rate of burnout among healthcare professionals is a growing concern, with many medical professions, reporting high rates. Ultrasound technicians are no exception to this trend. A recent report by the American Society of Imaging Informatics and Visualization found that 41 percent of imaging techs were at risk for burnout. Ultrasound techs aren’t immune to these risks; in fact, they face several unique challenges not faced by other imaging techs. These stressors can lead to sonographers burning out, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re an ultrasound technician, chances are you already know the importance of staying happy and healthy while on the job. But if you’ve been feeling the strain lately (or even if you haven’t), check out our top five tips for preventing Sonographers from burning out:

5 Ways to Prevent Ultrasound Technician BurnOut

Rotate Shifts

While it might not seem to make much of a difference, rotating shifts can go a long way in preventing burnout. Trying to do the same thing day in and day out is a surefire way to wear yourself out. Being exposed to the same stresses and pressures day after day can take a serious toll on your mental health and general well-being. Rotating your shifts can help to prevent this. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your skills sharp and make sure that you’re getting the optimal experience.

Take Breaks

You might think that a break is just a break, but it can actually do a lot to prevent Sonographers from burning out. It’s important to remember that ultrasound technicians are not only medical professionals, but also human beings first and foremost. When you’re overworked and stressed out, your health is put at risk. Keep your breaks short, but frequent. Even a few minutes can go a long way towards keeping your mind and body in good shape. Taking breaks can keep you from experiencing premature burnout, as well as help you perform your job with higher accuracy.

Speak up about having to use that outdated ultrasound

There’s no shame in asking to use a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine. As an Ultrasound Technician, you likely have some medical training, which means you’re equipped with the knowledge to recognize when an outdated ultrasound machine is putting you at risk. If the outdated machine is causing you to suffer from a higher risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSIs), or is simply a health risk in general, don’t be afraid to speak up. Not only is it your right as an employee to work in a safe environment, you’re also responsible for keeping yourself safe. If the outdated ultrasound machine is causing you undue stress, speak up about having to use that outdated ultrasound.

Adding new automated technology can assist in reducing the stressful demand and stress on Sonographers' bodies. GE Healthcare offers new automated technology in their Ultra Edition lines. Benefits are 80% fewer keystrokes, faster exam times, reduced work-related MSK disorders, increased reliability, reproducibility, and diagnostic confidence. Add more patients to the schedule or have a significant lunch break with time savings. The new Artificial Intelligence is an Ultrasound Disrupter, changing the game of ultrasound and improving exam consistency, reliability, and reproducibility.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

If you find yourself feeling stressed, don’t forget to take a breather. Sometimes, the best way to get your head back in the game is to take a moment to breathe. While it might sound silly, taking a few minutes to slow down and breathe deeply can make all the difference when it comes to preventing burnout.

Get Outside (or inside)

Take a few minutes to get outside for some fresh air. There’s no shame in taking a quick break to go outside and get some fresh air. It might seem like a silly thing to do, but it can make a world of difference in preventing burnout.

If you have trouble getting outside, remember that you can also get fresh air indoors. Open a window or two, or crack a door open a bit. You might not be able to walk outside, but you can still breathe in that fresh air.

Make Time for Friendships

Friendships are important at any age and stage in life, especially when it comes to preventing burnout. Having people to talk to and spend time with can help you to stay grounded, and to remember what’s truly important in life. Taking time out of your busy schedule to build and maintain friendships is an important part of preventing burnout. It can also help you to stay in touch with your passions and interests.


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