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According to the Surgeon General, 54% of Physicians and Nurses experienced healthcare burnout, and that was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. At least 50% of healthcare workers experienced symptoms of at least one mental health condition. These numbers are staggering and they are getting worse.

More and more, healthcare workers are reconsidering their roles. One area of deficit is in the ultrasound field. Ultrasound is being used more often due to its low cost, accessibility, accuracy, and its non-invasive nature. The limitation of finding qualified sonographers is that they require a specific set of skills and credentialing. With fewer accredited schools and smaller programs and class sizes, it’s becoming more difficult to fill in the gaps when sonographers leave their positions.

Sonographers who have left the field have sought a new path that allows them the freedom to make their own schedule, earn an income comparable to the one they left, and continue caring for patients. Many practices cannot justify the cost of ultrasound and a sonographer. Mobile ultrasound companies are on the rise and they are filling the gap for outpatient offices that are unable to provide their patient's imaging in a timely manner. 

Portable Ultrasound MachineMobile ultrasound companies provide onsite diagnostic ultrasound services with a portable ultrasound machine for practices from which they are contracted. In return, the practice pays the mobile ultrasound company a predetermined amount for each study

These mobile services typically use a portable and lightweight ultrasound that requires little space to perform an exam and can be done anywhere and at any time. Once the exam is completed, the images are sent electronically to a reading physician, who then generates a report and sends it to the ordering physician.

The results are then provided to the patient, decreasing travel time and costs for the patient. Utilizing a third-party service for imaging eliminates the need for the practice to carry an additional full-time employee and the associated costs (salary, healthcare, and retirement). Additionally, the practice can avoid paying the capital expense for ultrasound equipment. 

The mobile ultrasound model can be a major win for the mobile company, the practice, and the patient. From a start-up capital standpoint, a minimal investment in a portable ultrasound is all that is needed to get a mobile company started. Maybe mobile ultrasound is something to consider and Standard Ultrasound can help get you started by finding an ultrasound that works for you.


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