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Getting the right images under this pressure is challenging. But this isn’t just a job for you and you have no intention of sacrificing quality in your practice when so much is at stake.

Patient care isn’t just a job for you. It’s a calling. A mission. Of late, that mission has changed  Increased workloads, fewer skilled staff and increased demands on your time, resources an  expertise are now the norm.

The Vivid S70N R6 cardiovascular ultrasound system has been further developed to meet today's challenges. To allow more diagnosis confidence with improved image quality and better workflows with AI-enabled automation. Because your patients rely on you, you can rely on us.

What's new with the Vivid S70N R6 Cardiac ultrasound system:
cSound innovation

Different stages of exam evaluation on valvular/cardiac function, pre and post procedure. The key innovation of cSound is its extraordinary processing capacity where ultrasound channel data is received and temporarily stored in ‘Local Big Data’ memory before the image reconstruction is performed. This enables the application of advanced beamformer algorithms, such as True Confocal Imaging (TCI without the limitation of focal zones or sacrifice of frame rate and spatial resolution

Picture of a conventional sonogram and one with cSound with TCI showing much better details

Latest AI-Based Technology

The Vivid S70N R6 introduces the latest AI-based technology to help reduce tedious tasks and improve workflow efficiency. Our AI-based Auto ROI detection algorithm allows users to complete ejection fraction, with no manual interaction apart from initiating the tool and approving the results. With the power of AI, a full set of reproducible measurements will instantly appear on the screen. 80% Less clicks.

Picture showing the difference of pediatric imaging, HD Color for Interventional, and 4D Markers for Interventional sonogramsPicture showing Vascular quantifications and Abdominal diagnosis sonogramsPicture showing cardiac auto doppler with AI auto Measure Spectrum Recognition sonogram

Demand for a complete ultrasound system - that is designed for both pediatric and adult patients and scan go from the echo lab to the cath lab - is growing. Be versatile with Vivid S70N. The demand for multi-purpose, cost efficient ultrasound systems with uncompromised image quality is growing. Your Vivid S70N Ultra Edition will exceed your expectations across a wide range of applications.

Picture showing Easy AutoEF and Easy AFI LV with View Recognition sonogram

Picture showing the full size Vivid S70N sonogram machine
Modern Ergonomics

More than ever, you need a powerful ultrasound system with advanced easy-to-use tools, that also is easy to maneuver. Vivid S70N has a familiar, yet modern and efficient design that is the  lightest in its category. and is always ready with an “instant-on” transportation mode

 Battery powered “stand-by” function, up and
running within few seconds
Adjustable to each operator and each sitting
• Articulating monitor arm
• Single-hand push for up/down and left-right
Excellent operator interface
• 21.5’’ adjustable monitor
• 12’’ LCD touch screen
• Alphanumeric keyboard
• Silent system (average 31dB noise
Compact & Easy to Maneuver
• Only 73Kg/ 161lbs
• With ergonomic, easy to push handle



“The new Easy AFI LV expedites strain measurements and simultaneously provides an automated LV ejection fraction measurement. Once required apical views are acquired, GE’s algorithm provides incredibly robust strain measurements! 

–Prof. Erwan Donal
University Hospital Center, Rennes,




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