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Data is growing faster than ever. In fact, according to IDC, the volume of digital images created and stored globally will reach 64 billion gigabytes by 2024. The EchoPAC solution enables users to capture, store, review, and post process images and measurements while reporting effectively and with a new level of control and ease-of-use that wasn’t available before. Keeping track of all your patient images is difficult enough; finding the exact image you need when you need it can feel almost impossible. EchoPAC addresses these problems with an innovative solution that makes archiving and reporting on images simple and effective. In this article we will explain how EchoPAC does this by using five primary features:

Increase Productivity with Post Processingechopac monitors

EchoPAC provides an efficient workflow and increased productivity. Using the “raw data” from the point of data capture on the Vivid ultrasound system, EchoPAC helps you achieve more efficient workflow and increased productivity. This innovative software allows you to shift more of your analyses and workload from your ultrasound system to your office PC. EchoPAC productivity tools give you the ability to analyze images quickly, including automatically measuring strain, LV volumes, ejection fraction and LV mass. Editing tools give you the ability to change 2D brightness, color scale, annotations, and image quality without having to rescan the patient. 

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Reporting Solution

GE EchoPAC delivers state-of-the-art structured ultrasound reporting designed for physicians. It is a scalable and robust solution utilizing a structured, clinical database to efficiently manage ultrasound information. EchoPAC is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Utilize it as a stand-alone solution or fully integrate with your PACS and dictation systems to finalize your reports with embedded images in minutes.

Echopac Automation

The EchoPAC image automation will help users to automate image capture and data entry with a single click. With this functionality you can configure EchoPAC to capture images automatically as they are generated, dramatically reducing the time and effort needed to manage your image data. EchoPAC built-in image recognition technology allows you to tag and organize your images by subject, patient, location, or system used.

Web Based Technology Option

Another advantage of the EchoPAC solution is a new web-based technology option. Standard Ultrasound offers this as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provided over the internet and requires only a limited amount of hardware or software installation. The solution is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed by users from any device with an internet access. You only have to log in to your account to start managing your image data.

Cloud Based Storage

Image archiving and reporting can require a large amount of storage space, particularly when you are storing high-resolution images. This EchoPAC solution allows you to store your images in the cloud for access anywhere.


Image data is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the years ahead. The EchoPAC solution is designed to make the management of this data easier and more efficient. EchoPAC's automated image capturing, and reporting functionality helps you to reduce time and effort.


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